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Look no further

Helium Blimp Advertising

Rise above the competition

Floating around 200 feet from the ground

Show me where to go!!

Navigate customers to your location


To ensure your brand identity rises above the competition, look no further than helium blimp advertising.

Floating around 200 feet (60 metres) from the ground, a helium-filled blimp is a spectacular advertising medium and instantly identifies your company's location. We can provide you with a variety of body and fin colours to suit your individual requirements.


coolbillboards offers a range of helium blimps to suit all budgets, from Budget Blimps to our Prestigious Helium Blimp printed with fade resistant UV links. Our team can permanently artwork your blimp with your company name, logo and any other details required,

  • What's more, we can fit removable banners for temporary messages such as special offers or open days. If your running a short term promotion, you can rent a blimp with a detachable banner featuring your own artwork.